The Doctor (Third) (doctor_three) wrote,
The Doctor (Third)

TruBlood (open to consultmybooks)

With a fresh cup of tea in hand, the Doctor wandered back into the Academy lab singing some sort of Venusian song under his breath. Now that the students were back in their dorms for the rest of the evening (hopefully), the teachers had gone home or retired to their own sleeping quarters, he could make more of an attempt at getting work done. Uninterrupted.

He seated himself at a bench and got to work for this up and coming mission he was supposed to be going on with Jack. Heaven knows what they may encounter while within this enemy base. He fiddled with wires and circuits and buttons and things, still singing to himself, happy and content.

In the distance, he could hear footsteps appraoching. He stopped and listened for a moment but when they didn't have that familiar military click that only the Brigadier has, he went back to his work, taking up his Venusian warbling once again.
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