The Doctor (Third) (doctor_three) wrote,
The Doctor (Third)

Ten ways I like to relax

1) Tinking with something relatively easy such as a circuit board or a small, simple robot.

2) A glass of scotch or brandy and somewhere to put my feet up - got that habit from the Brigadier.

3) Some nice piano music.

4) Reading a book in a spot of sun - usually something by HG Well or Louis Carroll.

5) Going for a pint with Benton or Yates.

6) A quiet corner, away from UNIT where I can shut my eyes for a few moments.

7) Being anywhere inside the TARDIS. Or within range of the TARDIS, for that matter.

8) Knowing that the Earth is safe because I have just chased out its most recent threat.

9) Drifting through the space vortex with said glass of bourbon or scotch.

10) Singing to myself - a habit I picked up from my previous regeneration. I should probably thank him for that.

Inspired by thetenspot</fontsize>
Tags: thetenspot, verse: telly canon
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