The Doctor (Third) (doctor_three) wrote,
The Doctor (Third)

Torchwood? I've heard of them. (Locked to shinyteethandme)

The Doctor sighed into his Pyridian conductor. For some terribly odd reason, it just wouldn't work. Maybe the UNIT labs were too humid for Pyridian technology? It certainly wasn't a lacking of the Doctor's skills, he was certain of that.

He tossed the soldering tool to the side and stood up, rubbing his tired face. Perhaps a change in project would help. As he turned to dive into a pile of alien technology, he caught a sight out the window. Sergent Benton drilling new recruits. The Doctor grinned and chuckled to himself, thankful that it was the Sergent and not him.

One of the other tables in the lab was filled with a jumble of alien doo-dads and thinga-ma-bobs. He poked and prodded at them, sifting through with his finger until he came to something worth his time. A small capsule looking thing with crab-like legs and an antennea. The Doctor wanted to fix it up so as the Brigadier would have a 'helping hand' in his office.

With the selected piece in hand, the Doctor flopped back onto his stool, pushing the original project out of the way. He picked up a tune as he handled a small screw driver and began pulling the mechanic beastie apart.
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