The Doctor (Third) (doctor_three) wrote,
The Doctor (Third)

Tranquil and...interesting (open to whisky_ghost)

"That," lectured the Doctor, "would be the number of positive irons in the atmosphere. We're being attacked at this very moment by an un-countable number of them. And they'll be even more of them in years to come."

He sat down upon the squishy ground, feeling himself sink a little. "Of course, the Eye of Orion has only been forming for only a few hundred thousand years. Things become more solid as they go further in their formation." He smiled as he closed his eyes and turned his face toward the setting sun. There was very little heat radiating from it, which suited the Doctor fine but he was just too at peace to leave his eyes open. For the moment, anyway.
Tags: companion:ghost, verse: fandom_smash
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