The Doctor (Third) (doctor_three) wrote,
The Doctor (Third)

Time Crash (Locked to songofsong)

The Doctor stormed into the TARDIS, making certain that the doors slammed shut behind him. That pompous, stuck up Brigadier and his stupid Geneva! As if he cared enough to throw himself about just for them. Didn't they realise he had better things to do?! He was a Time Lord after all. The nerve-!

He angrily flicked switches, pulled at the levers and set the TARDIS in motion, moodily glaring at the column as it rose and fell in a moderate rhythm. The TARDIS often soothed him after his quarrels and seemed to be doing as much now but there was a weight he couldn't throw from his shoulders. At first the Doctor merely assumed it was the orders he had been issued (his troublesome consciousness often made him comply to some respect in the end - he was too soft hearted after all) but the cloister bell told him otherwise.

It rung out loud, reverberating throughout the TARDIS and into his very core. He ran around the console panel checking each of the dials and screens, taking up the readings and gathering information. He made calculations, adding numbers and letters together to come to some kind of conclusion....

"That can't be right!"
Tags: companion: river song, rp
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