The Doctor (Third) (doctor_three) wrote,
The Doctor (Third)

Whoops! (open to units_brigadier and harknesstravels)

Alitair Lethbridge-Stewart is not known for his patience.

He waits for the Doctor, swagger stick tapping his side in growing irritation. He tries to re-read notes and understand the Doctor's tinkerings but it's all Greek to him. So he crosses to a window and looks out at nothing in particular.

He'd been waiting for over twenty minutes for the Doctor to come back from inside his TARDIS contraption, which sits in the corner of the room. He turns from the window to look at it again, as if some detail may have changed or it may have dissappeared again since he last looked at it less than a minute ago.

With a great deal of hesitation he attempts to hide under his hard exterior, the Brigadier approaches the TARDIS. Standing outside, he looks it over, all the while holding a cautious expression like the box might suddenly grow jaws and swallow him whole. He takes a few steps back, casually inspecting the bunches of wires and gizmos layed out on the bench.

He turns back to the TARDIS, yet again and, with a huff, pushes open one of the doors and strides through. At the consul, the Doctor is in a heated argument with Jack Harkness, the Torchwood Captain. Alistair stands at the entrance, quite shocked for a couple of reasons. The first being his usual concern about so much space in such a small box and the second being that he was unaware the Captain was on board.

The Brigadier swallows the uncomfortable feelings and is about to intercept when Jack steps back and knocks something on the consul. The TARDIS shudders and the Brigadier hears the door shut behind him. He dashes back the few feet to the door and, try as he might to open them again, he discovers them locked. He turns to try and growl an explanation out of the Doctor but can see he is distracted by the TARDIS. As usual. Not that that was going to stop the Brigadier.

After straightening his uniform, he strides to the centre of the room with a strong look of determination and agitation, "just what is going on here?!"
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