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A new companion

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Vworp vworp vworp

The TARDIS materialises an ornate room of reds and golds. The wooden floor, freshly polished, shines as it reflects light from a chandelier and candleabras protruding from the walls. Comfy looking chairs fill most of the space and amazing artwork covers the walls.

This is not the right place.

He stands outside the TARDIS. Looking around. I suppose the good thing about a time machine is that one always has time to explore. About to walk away, he stops. He'd forgotten about his new cargo.

Quickly, he re-enters the TARDIS, shutting the doors behind him. She's standing on the other side on the consul where he had asked her to wait, still dressed in her 80s gear.

"Bela? You may want some more appropriate clothing. Think 18th century...Victorian, if you will."

He points to the corridoor, "down there, first left then, second right, third left, first left, second right again. And do hurry."