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The Third Doctor

Scientific Advisor to UNIT and Genius Extraordinaire

The Doctor (Third)
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This is a role playing account for the Classic Who character, "The Doctor" as played by spammypod. In no way to I own BBC blahblahblah.

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If you wish to contact the Doctor (or mun) for any reason, you can call him.

The Story (so far)

fandom_smash - On his way to a top secret scientific research base for UNIT, the Doctor has lended in the Nexus amongst a range of people from all sorts of places. He strives to learn as much about the various realities as he can while he controls his rowdy class at the Academy and experiments on the properties of the Nexus. A great deal of time is also spent chasing after his older selves. He believes he's cleaning up their mess but really, he's just as bad as they are.
all things science, avoiding the brigadier, bessie, drinking with and benton, elizabeth shaw, jo grant, the tardis, unit